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Identifying and developing executives that will enhance and steer your organization into the future is at the core of what we do.

Our solutions are tailored comprehensively to fit the specific context of the situation. This ensures that our methodical, scientific process yields a sustainable outcome. Our purpose is to listen, learn and guide partners throughout the process while acting ethically, professionally and discreetly with all candidates.

Drawing on a wealth of experience, our team creates a bespoke search strategy, ensuring that we uncover hidden talents that not only fit the context of the role however have the energy, passion and integrity to succeed.

Bridging The Leadership Gap

McArthur Murray listens carefully to the leadership vision and objectives of your organization. We believe that growth and evolution of your organization lies in the right leaders having the ability to guide and adapt to the economic environment that will shape the course of your organization.

Our team provides objective input into identifying current leadership trends, competencies and characteristics, and highlights potential areas of development required to achieve your overall business objectives. Our practical approach is to apply a structured and methodical process in identifying the potential gaps, strengths and areas for development.

Defining the mandate

A team member will sit down with key stakeholders to understand your current situation while understanding the key competencies and characteristics required.

A brief will be submitted for approval as to our understanding of the role and the specific areas that will be assessed.

A template will be created to showcase the key areas and topics to be analyzed during the assessments.

the mandate

the Assessments


Conducting the Assessments

Senior members of the Macarthur Murray team will assess leadership talent within your organisation to analyze the skills sets and potential gaps.

This will include understanding the person capabilities and motivations to be able to execute proposed strategies.

Concrete analysis and assessment of all feedback will be compiled and analyzed within the team.



Create and submit a structured, in-depth reports understanding findings.

Explain findings and provide suggestion for potential areas of improvements and where the gaps are that need to be addressed.

Recommend and drive further development and coaching.