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Our practice and industry exposure is central to all that we do within our process when executing mandates. We pride ourselves as being able to identify, pursue and attract executive talent, while understanding the unique and dynamic drivers within the sectors that we are actively involved with.

As an independent search firm we customize each individual search to ensure the industry knowledge and candidates' insight is utilized in uncovering the right talent that fit within our client's organization.

Our Core practices within McArthur Murray encompass the following areas:

Financial Services

McArthur Murray has had substantial experience within this sector seeing the regional financial hub in Dubai grow into a main global player.

Mcarthur Murray has executed numerous searchers in private equity, investment Banking, Retails Banks and Insurance Companies.

Real Estate & Construction

We have been involved within this sector since the turn of the millennium, placing leading individuals who have driven major development and contracting companies forward.

The dynamics have now changed and we are seeing a solid resurgence in this sector whereby individuals are being sought after who can provide both local experience while being exposed to large scale mutli-dimensional projects.

Diversified Groups & Family Holding Groups

Due to being an independent firm born out of the region, one of our key practices is within this space.

We have nurtured and grown our portfolio within this space to encompass some of the most prestigious and forward thinking groups both in terms of diversity as well as turnover.

Information Technology & Communications

This practice is a key component within our firm, covering the expanding space of ICT within our region.

We have placed key individuals within difficult and challenging terrains.

Manufacturing & Industrial

Through our global practice this area has grown exponentially over the past ten years.

We have placed individuals within organizations ranging from steel plants right through to global leaders within the field of industrial chemicals.

Consumer Goods & Retail

The Mena region over the past fifteen years has experience exponential growth within the retail and consumer industry driven mainly by the demand for variety and the success of the local economies. Our role within this sector is built around partnering with key conglomerates that represent a multitude of luxury brands as well as multinational fmcg brands. We surgically track down individuals that have the vision and ambition of being at the forefront of the ever changing landscape within our region.

Our partner base has developed into a core of organisations that value our personable approach, showcasing our insight and understanding of where the talent lies and how to motivate them in redirecting their journeys to achieve considerable success.